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It is a legit business practice. They've been caught doing this many times, on several discussion boards.

Put simply UseNeXT need to sort out their business practices

Dont use dont pay simple as. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can found anything on the internet. Up until january this year i had been using usenext on a pay as you go basis then stopped.

If their might be a lot of complaints mentioned on this site you have stronger arguments to PayPal to give the money back. But if you want to learn more about the usenet universe, there are discussion forums such as Filesharingtalk. Try and get as much as possible before going to the wall? Good support, full download speed and never any problems. But its almost a year ago that they send me the email.

No debit will be charged to your credit card. On the first day all I get is put on hold then a recording tells me all the oprators are busy and try again later. You just can find it on the PayPal-site when you log in. Credit cards are occasionally checked for solvency by banks or credit card issuers.

Restarted Usenext in June this year i went through what i thought was just the normal process of payment? Although, I don't care anything beyond this as I think the credit file is not impacted by these transactions. By taking this subscription you agreed to their terms and conditions. We apologize for any inconvenience. They are refunding my money.

When you call them, they demand you to give them respect, but do they deserve respect? Otherwise, please get in touch with our support team directly and let us know. Go with a program like NewsHosting it's unlimited your speed of download is down to what your isp provider allows.

Menneke was surprised to read such claims about Binverse and so were we that's why we wanted to get back in touch as the original poster didn't leave a real email or username. We have a close relationship with Binverse and should be able to get any issue you have sorted. The only thing you did today is conferming this warning! Hi Tom, Here is a Dutch woman, who will try to give you an answer to your question.

With both I have no download limits and no speedlimits. Dont be alarmed by some mickey mouse outfit trying to extract money from you by false pretencies. The internet has all the files and information people need. Did you give them a hyperlink to this site? Do you suffer erectile problems?

You tell us you opened a dispute wit PayPal. Would I need to do anything more? Standard of support is unmatched. Hope you get over yourself soon.

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In saying what I did about selling my year subscription I meant total facetiousness. You are probably just too stupid to follow directions to cancel. Whether, or how accurate it is I don't know. If they can speak English we'll be more than happy to hear their stories, especially if they are more recent. Free trials are never free.

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Hello Harry, As long as you have cancelled your card and Usenext cant get access to your cash you are fine. However, it may well be that someone links to material found on the Usenet. Questions are anwered immediately and fully ontopic. When I'm running short of money or don't want to use it anymore I cancel.

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Therefore I have a question to you, Marcus. You did what I already suggested on this site a long time ago. As you can see I think it is not a good idea to sell you account to someone who does not know from the practices of Binverse! Giganews - Who offer a day trial you can actually cancel!

You can call them on monday and friday. So I think when you start your complaint about UseNext to PaylPal the chance will be pretty well that you will get your money back from them! Some people really should go found another life on another planet, goes Earth is going digital through the internet. Then we should see what the judge finds its. According what I see on blogs, PayPal are now refunding a majority of compliants about this company.


If you can convince them that you didn't use it at all or even if someone abused your data there might be a chance to get a refund. We constantly try to make it as easy as possible for our customers to cancel the free trial period or contracts. In your account you have to give in your creditcard or bankpaymentdata. Please will you be so kind to tell us when you will get your money back from PayPal?

Now when I call the German number, I get no answer! If they won't solve the problem, then you can look at canceling your account.

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My position was in the conversation that in order for the contract to be validated, or executed, I have to receive something. The home address they have for me is incorrect and where they got my paypal details from is a mystery, I contacted them and they refuse to give my money back. They have no real piece of credit from me, no address, etc. Otherwise your money will be refunded according to the amount of data volume used. All at great inconvenience.

They warn people against companies like aviteo-usenext. If I have any Gigs of download left on my account UseNext will let me keep using what I had already paid for. Usenext has a fake address, fashionista mp3 as does my paypal. You can also place a hyperlink of this site of usenetshack.