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TuneWiki's Windows Media Player plug-in is part licensed lyrics spooler for your own songs and for streaming YouTube videos, and part social project. Developed by TuneWiki Inc. If you search for YouTube videos through TuneWiki's plug-in, it will similarly serve lyrics, pitch perfect 2 full movie online if available.

10 must-have free Android apps

Download TuneWiki - Lyrics for Music 4.0.7 APK Info

10 must-have free Android apps

Pros Nothing at all Cons Doesnt work for me Summary it just doesnt work! TuneWiki displays music maps on which other TuneWiki users are plotted. While TuneWikie's lyrics database especially enriches the basic Windows Media Player experience, it harbors some flaws.

It also can be used to create event invitations or holiday greeting cards that can be sent out to friends, family and associates. Sometimes the lyrics are wrong, but you can still follow the song. Cons Waist of time Summary I though this this is supposed to show you lyrics!

Listen to your music with synced lyrics. Let other app know what you are listening to.

It find the lyrics most of the time for most songs. With Locale, you can make sure your device knows to switch to vibrate mode the minute you step into your office. This is a neighborhood-centric social networking application that keeps users up to date with their families and local communities.

Got your own Android app to recommend? If you put the Spotify app on android to play a song and then go to the TuneWiki app and click on listen - it will then listen to the song you are playing and will show the lyrics like it should. It seems like every platform has a half-dozen Twitter clients these days, but on Android, Twidroid from Ralph Zimmerman and Thomas Marban is the reigning king.

Amazing concept I don't understand how someone couldn't make this idea work, even on a much better system like Android. You'll be able to see who in close proximity is playing which song, or where in the world others are playing the same song as you. Also, we'd like the size of the YouTube video to be adjustable. You get to see the lyrics pretty well and can sing along if the mood takes you, and geographic playlists.

When searching for songs, we'd like a more elegant display of the artist and album information returned in the results. Does it have some cool features? Advertisements or commercial links. Cons Sometimes scrolls with the lyrics and other times doesn't even do it. Tweeting it at davelicence.

Download TuneWiki - Lyrics for Music 4.0.7 APK Info

Being able to add another widget besides the music, fantastic! If the YouTube video stops, as it did once during testing, we want to refresh it without closing and reopening the app.

TuneWiki - Lyrics for Music 4.0.7 APK

Other features include integrated Last. Pros Sits at the bottom of Media player. However this does not mean that your idea has been declined by Spotify. With Big in Japan's ShopSavvy app on your phone, you'll never get a bum deal again.

To get all of the great features, the app needs access to a variety of different parts of your phone but nothing that is outside the functionality of the lock screen widget features. Tunewiki on Spotify mobile. Tune wiki is not able to identify what spotify plays on Iphone Spotify App. Your message has been reported and will be reviewed by our staff.

This shouldn't be difficult and would be nice to keep the consistency of features between devices. The applications it has selected help users do everything from calling the nearest taxicab or comparing sale prices at different stores to calculating their carbon footprints. Windows media player fails in comparison to just about everything so it is wasted.

Logan Kugler is a frequent Computerworld contributor. Pros No pros that I can think off Cons If you press try, it says to buy. Needs more lyrics from different music genres. Would not consider buying and would stay away.

Nice idea, but I wish there was an option for it to run only while playing music as opposed to running constantly. Report this app to Microsoft.

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You can even record your own ringtones with Ringdroid. An open-source music-based social network, TuneWiki lets users share what they're listening to with one another. So many small features that are so great and so helpful. Lyrics on Spotify Android. What do you need to know about free software?

TuneWiki - Lyrics for Music 4.0.7 APK

You can also submit lyrics if they don't appear which could be fun in many ways. Seizure warnings Photosensitive seizure warning. Works with TuneWiki Pro also.

Click here to review our site terms of use. Pros Cool features, Love the lyrics and background info Cons Needs more lyrics from different music genres. In order to keep an overview of the active ideas in this forum, we will close this idea for now. Do something with it please!

10 must-have free Android apps