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Meanwhile, SpongeBob convinces Patrick and Sandy to team up, climb the volcano, and stop it from erupting with an invention Sandy will build. The Broadway production was equally praised.

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The theater's security again intervenes to chase Patchy away. Cast members Guest stars Awards and nominations. Squidward asks if he can perform with them as an opening act. Languages Italiano Edit links. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

SpongeBob, however, is against the idea of leaving town and believes the citizens should save Bikini Bottom. Outstanding Orchestrations. The musical opened to critical acclaim. Outstanding Book of a Musical. Chita Rivera Awards for Dance and Choreography.

He reveals he has traveled from Encino, California to catch the musical. With the town in a panic over the impending doom, married villains Plankton and Karen try to convince the citizens to enter an escape pod that ensures safety. They head back to Bikini Bottom and see if their plan worked. Instead, Pearl suggests that the famous rock band, the Electric Skates, play at the concert. They plan to throw it inside the volcano and save the town.

When they reach the top, neither Sandy nor Patrick are able to reach the rim where they need to throw the device in. SpongeBob thinks back on Mr. SpongeBob starts to fall when Patrick saves him with the jetpack Sandy invented.

Back in Bikini Bottom, Plankton worries Sandy and Spongebob will successfully climb up the mountain and save the town, but Karen tells him that she found his avalanche maker. Meanwhile, SpongeBob and Sandy make their way up the volcano with great difficulty. Patrick likes the idea and decides to back out of SpongeBob's plan so that he can bask in self-glory, angering SpongeBob. SpongeBob SquarePants is an American animated television series. Two security guards tell Patchy to leave, adode acrobat as the show is about to begin.

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Squidward's idea of his one-man show is immediately shut down. It all adds up to one of the most fun, well produced, and best acted shows Chicago has seen in a long time. Best Direction of a Musical. Before they start their plan, a group of cultist sardines appear.

With new determination, SpongeBob throws the Eruptor Interrupter in. Outstanding Director of a Musical. Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Musical. With Pearl uninterested, SpongeBob hints his desire of being the manager. Playbill of the Broadway production.

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He goes to Patrick and Sandy for help. Sandy hides from the mob and shows SpongeBob her invention, the Eruptor Interrupter. The band will only allow it if Squidward buys every item on a long shopping list. Then, a violent tremor suddenly rocks the entire town.

Patchy objects, but gets kicked out as Patchy claims he is a victim of pirate discrimination and sings a protest chant. They remind him that he is the only one who can squeeze through tight areas and that his optimism has gotten them this far. Its Broadway run was cut short due to the renovation of the Palace Theatre according to its producers, though the musical had also not met financial expectations.

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Krabs tells his daughter Pearl that she will manage the restaurant one day. The townspeople, unknowingly, support this idea and decide to hold a last-minute music concert to raise money.

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Back on the mountain, Plankton and Karen use the avalanche maker to make the avalanche. Outstanding Actor in a Musical. Everyone agrees and Squidward is named manager of the event.

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When the time comes for the volcano to erupt, everyone braces for their deaths. The series follows the adventures of the title character and his various friends in the fictional underwater city of Bikini Bottom. Outer Critics Circle Awards.

The two reaffirm their friendship and follow Sandy to the summit of the mountain. One of the guards apologizes, then tells the audience to enjoy the show. Due to the band being gone, there will be no concert or escape pod, which causes anarchy. After Patrick leaves, Sandy reminds SpongeBob that things are bound to be okay. Outstanding Featured Actor in a Musical.