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It's a film played entirely in power chords. There's no delicate footwork here, no lingering grace notes. He stated that he had taken meetings with Eminem's producing partners over the past seven years, looking for something to do together. Even when he looks like an unholy mess, he transcends the movie he's in. When I tell him that I have, he scowls.

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As I re-enter the gym in my borrowed workout clothes, Gyllenhaal and I go through a round of warm-ups. Harvey Weinstein, who is distributing the film, suggested Gyllenhaal as a replacement. Or more accurately, he does the exercises while I watch.

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Unless you count Nintendo. Anyway, my stance is all wrong.

He is very interested in the boxing genre, and it seemed like an apt metaphor, because his own life has been a brawl. He insists on doing everything himself. He cranks out a set of dips without breaking a sweat, between sit-ups and pull-ups, and finally assumes a squatting position to flip a pound tire across the width of the gym floor. It's something I pride myself on, it's something I hate about myself. Fighting fit, no matter what But now a trailer and new images have been released of the star, who takes on the role of a championship boxer.

The film's screenwriter Kurt Sutter said the project was inspired by the rapper's personal struggles. The singer can be seen in the first trailer, covered in bruises and looking dishevelled as she opens an apartment door. But he shared so much of his personal struggle in this raw and very honest album, one that I connected with on a lot of levels. The tire stays on the ground.

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That motivation, that sacrifice is what drove both of us. But it's strictly an undercard bout, displaying enough heart and skill to keep the paying customers from getting too restless. He really was very dedicated The new film however sees him take on Billy's personality, a left-handed boxer who triumphed after a rocky past. It takes the time to put flesh on the bones.

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Stepping Into the Ring With Jake Gyllenhaal

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Jake made it very easy for me. But Gyllenhaal rummages through a duffel bag and offers me his T-shirt and shorts.

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Jake Gyllenhaal in Southpaw Trailer Rita Ora also makes an appearance as a battered drug addict in a performance tipped to win her plaudits. It's a much harder road for a southpaw than a right-handed boxer. The man, who has his neck and arms covered in tattoos, codewright free alternative dating waves at me.