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However, when her kick goes high, one of the opposing team's members puts her knife away to catch Suzanne out. She becomes a fully fledged member of Barb's gang, but her newly acquired addiction to heroin distresses her mother. She swiftly befriends both Piper and Alex, expressing curiosity about what happened between the two of them outside of prison.

Carol also gets her stylists to help fix Red's hair, which is dyed blonde. After perjuring herself at the recommendation of Alex, Piper is returned to Litchfield to serve the remainder of her sentence while Alex is released on early parole for her testimony. She leaves medical, and rejoins the other inmates. Piper eventually repairs their relationship by making a lotion to help soothe Red's injured back. After the incident, she and Alex start having sex again.

Roseanne pays tribute to late cast member Glenn Quinn

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She is unaware of his death until after Black Cindy reluctantly testifies against her. Finally seeing Vee for what she really is, Taystee later rallies the other black inmates to turn on her former idol. Black Cindy and Alison take control of the situation, dating ideas in seattle and Cindy ends up giving her some lithium to put her to sleep.

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Having been clean for two years, Nicky uses sex with the other inmates as a coping mechanism, becoming something of a nymphomaniac in the process. This, together with the new breakfast timetable, severely affects Red's ability to sleep. Following this, Healy and his wife appear to split, while Healy then forms a closer bond with Red. Ultimately, however, Taystee is found guilty of Piscatella's murder.

Traumatized by the event, Suzanne attempts to deal with it by piling books on top of herself in order to find out what it felt like not to breathe. Coates is genuinely shocked by this disclosure. In the fourth season, Lorna is angered when nobody has any reaction to the news that she is married.

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She is overjoyed at Nicky's return from max, but declines when Nicky tries to convince her to restart their relationship. Unfortunately, she becomes addicted to opioids when Daddy gives them to her to help with her physical pain. In the second season, she is flown to Chicago to testify at the trial of Alex's former boss, Kubra Balik.

She must depend on a cast shoe to get around with her exposed toes hanging off the front. As she struggles out onto the street on ine crutch people continue to stare and check out her foot balsting out of her ill-fitting cast boot.

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As a result, when Maria Ruiz tries to persuade Piper to recruit some of her new Dominican friends into her business, Piper is rude to her. Piper is thus caught off guard when Alex turns out to be alive, merely having sustained a broken arm in the raid, and they have a happy reunion. Later on, she attempts to speak to Poussey's spirit with some of the other inmates. She makes numerous attempts to silence her bunk mate, and eventually resorts to taking sleeping pills.

After being rescued, and whilst hiding in Frieda's bunker, Piper proposes to Alex, and she accepts. Totally private from Google. Later, rather than returning to work, he voluntarily checks himself into psychiatric care, and is later seen in the facility while watching Caputo's statement on television. While in the bathroom washing her face, she discovers Maureen inside of a stall with her injuries infected, and Suzanne takes her back to medical, where she discovers Humphrey is not breathing. When Red confronts her and breaks down in tears at watching her adoptive daughter destroy herself, as happened with Tricia, Nicky reluctantly agrees to clean herself up again.

Alex becomes consumed with guilt for killing Aydin, and tells Red about it. While they were high, Piper shows her the swastika brand on her arm, and Alex tells Piper and Nicky that she killed Aydin.

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She is initially shown ending a fling with Stella Carlin after discovering that she is using drugs again, but shortly after, falls off the wagon and starts using them herself. Suzanne backs out of a possible sexual encounter, but is later seen forming a close bond with Maureen towards the end of the season.

Larry is initially vocally supportive of Piper, and proposes marriage to her before she goes inside. She decides to work with Luschek so he could sell it on the outside and split the profits with her. She was brought to America by a boy called Jean Baptiste whom she develops a close friendship and later falls in love.

Eventually, with the help of Judy King, Luschek secures her return to the regular prison, and she has an emotional reunion with Red and Lorna. He initially returns it but stops himself from initiating sex, telling her that he does not want to make the same mistake again and that he is leaving anyway.

At the end of the second season, Lorna allows Rosa to steal the van after finding out that she only had a few weeks to live so that she would not die in prison. However, she is pulled into the riot herself after discovering who Linda is by looking through her phone and then using it to film the inmates burning their peace offering. Each of them broke an arm and a leg.

When Piper mentions him to other inmates during the riot, one of them notes she's never heard his name and has no idea who he is. At the end of the third season, one of Kubra's enforcers, Aydin Bayat, confronts Alex in the greenhouse, ready to kill her. Later, when Coates tells her that he is planning to quit his job, due to the horrors that he has witnessed at the prison, she tries to persuade him not to go and kisses him. After the beating, she appears to have gotten over her vendetta, presumably because Piper's beating allowed her to get a new set of porcelain teeth at the expense of the prison. He is initially presented as someone who, though rigid, genuinely wants to help the inmates under his care.

Christopher suspects her for the break-in, and later visits the prison to confront and threaten her, finally shattering her obsessive delusions. Tons of photos and videos!

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She grabs it and takes Humphrey and Officer McCullough hostage, while most of the other inmates present loudly cheer her on and urge her to shoot Humphrey. She also spends the initial part of the season competing with Aleida to be a motherly figure to Daya, but after embarrassing her in front of Bennett, she realizes that it is a job they both do well. Noticing that the place in the cafeteria Poussey died is not being respected, she becomes upset and makes a circle around the area after clearing the other inmates away from it. At the end of the third season, Piper discovers that Stella stole her money from her panty business to use as a financial cushion on the outside due to her pending release.

This is short-lived, as the two break up again when Piper starts dating Stella. They have to rest often and prop their aching legs up occasionally massaging each others casted feet. The problem is she is dragging around her stiff leg in a full leg cast. Nevertheless she chooses a single peep-toe pump to try on and model but it looks pretty obviously different and unbalanced from her wide flat cast boot.