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Other times, however, they disappear from common use just as readily as they appeared. There are many kinds of such wordplay, dating bahrain site as described in a variety of studies of written and oral sources. This section does not cite any sources.

In these instances, words are used in small communities then spread through the use of social media. The term derives from tangente, which means kickback e. Xerox or xerox-ing is used in reference to any photocopier or action of photocopying. Kleenex is used in reference to any facial tissue.

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Examples of snowclone-like use of -poli include Bancopoli a financial scandal and Calciopoli a Italian football scandal. Correct translations from English for specific purposes into other languages is crucial in various industries and legal systems.

It is unusual, however, for a word to enter common use if it does not resemble another word or words in an identifiable way. Portmanteaux are combined words that are sometimes used commonly.