Marine Navigation Program

Learn more about Absolute Marina Integrated software solutions for the marine industry that assist in managing operations and security at marinas. Learn more about Helm Marine Operations Vessel fleet management software solution including invoicing, dispatching, maintenance, data collection, and training. Digital logbook and fleet management solution enhancing safety, adobe illustrator for windows 7 64 bit compliance and streamlining Marine operations. Crowd sourcing information has enabled the boating community to share local knowledge and update navigational features in real-time.

Marine Navigation Software


Local law and regulation may restrict the use of electronic navigation software. See our Top Tips for using an iPad for navigation apps. Learn more about The Marina Program. For a laptop navigation and plotting program with more powerful features, do a test drive of the inexpensive Polar Navy program.


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Many apps only use degrees and decimals to report positions, which could be confusing, particularly in an emergency situation. Learn more about Aquaplot Explorer. Learn more about PaleBlue PaleBlue solutions in digitalization help its clients to intensify training, streamline workflow, and improve safety - worldwide.

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Cloud based marina management software. Learn more about Marina Ahoy Automated harbour journal and automated e-invoices.

Learn more about PierVantage. But if you find SeaClear useful, find any bugs, have some new ideas, or any other reason, you are always welcome to send an email. Every month we have practical features to help you plan and prepare to realise your sailing dreams. Digital vessel management and fleet management software with a heavy focus on simple compliance.

Features include reports, invoices, templates, and contract management. Learn more about InfoMarina.

Sea Clear provided a valuable free program for many years, but now there's really no comparison. Learn more about Total Control Software. Crew management software for the maritime sector.

Marine Software

Several routes may be joined. Cleargistix intelligently connects the field to the office. On-premise marine navigation software that assists sailors and fishermen with route planning, weather forecasting and charting. Several languages are included Documentation file in English.

Powerful Free Laptop Software for Real-Time Chart Navigation

Detailed reports, true multi-user and multi-location capabilities, and overall ease-of-use. The best marina management software for your unique marina needs. With the My Marina Administration Software package the maintenance of your marina will become organized and easy. Cloud-based maritime transportation system that uses blockchain technology to manage shipping and chartering of commodities.

Learn more about Maritime Suite. Latitude is a yacht management software built specifically for yacht accounting, budget tracking and approvals. Crowd-sourced data Crowd sourcing information has enabled the boating community to share local knowledge and update navigational features in real-time. Pip Hare tests and compares seven popular apps for ipad and android.

Tom Lochhaas is an experienced sailor who has developed several boating safety books with the American Red Cross and the U. It empowers teams to understand their marinas and their customers. Learn more about Absolute Marina. Skewed and rotated charts can be calibrated. Unlimited number of waypoint files can be created.

Learn more about Blueshell. Maximum number of route points limited by memory only. Reduce the complexity of marina management, increase revenue, and build stronger communities. Learn more about Marina Master.

Learn more about SeaLogs Digital logbook and fleet management solution enhancing safety, compliance and streamlining Marine operations. Automatic and manual log book entries into a text file. Learn more about Maroz Maritime A comprehensive solution for managing ship operations. Crewing, planning, payroll, travel, appraisals, etc. Learn more about Swell Advantage.

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MaxSea TimeZero is brilliant if you want to use raster charts. Set the value of this vector to one hour for help in predicting tidal offsets. Reliability and simplicity not saying everyone find it simple is always top priority. Saved tracks can later be plotted and used to create routes.

Having spent six weeks living and breathing these apps, I have come to the conclusion that the perfect one does not exist, but some are getting pretty close. Learn more about SlipFinder Mobile app that allows boaters to book transient slips and moorings at marinas in real time from their mobile device. Sorts listings from A to Z.