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As the eclipse's power floods into the portal, the other Rangers arrive to help but it looks very much like it's the end of the Red Ranger as he tells the others to close the lid to the tomb. They manage to score a critical hit on the Megazord, sending it flying back where it begins to explode.

In Mariner Bay, as crews work to repair the Omega Megazord, Jinxer and his Batlings appear and take them by surprise before boarding the megazord. Fairweather not to go anywhere. Fairweather then turns up in her car, all dressed up for her date with Joel who happily leaves to join her. Quickly getting over their surprise, they morph and begin fighting. One minute per girl, one conversation at a time.

In Skull Cavern, Bansheera orders Ryan locked up and tells Jinxer it's time to release the Batlings from the card he attached to the Lifeforce Megazord. Fairweather agrees to go on a date with him.

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Using the Titanium Lazer and the Mobile Armor Vehicles weapons, they manage to damage the rogue Megazord, while Jinxer tries blasting them out of the air. Her face lit up and it seemed I had gained her attention once again. This makes the Rangers sitting targets as the Batlings start to fire on the vehicle. Fairweather sees that the cracks in the windows are getting severe as water starts to seep in. Ryan, having witnessed this, runs to help and finds Carter hanging on for dear life onto the side as Bansheera is below him, just out of reach.

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This year, newly single, he decided to attend the Lightspeed dating event to meet like-minded women. The happy couple spoke of how Lightspeed Dating had given them the chance to find one another, most intimidating sports songs giving hope to everyone looking for their own special geek in this very room.

Lightspeed Rescue and is the final two episodes of the four-episode endgame arc. Carter lands outside Skull Cavern and makes his way into the intimidating structure. Meanwhile the Rangers coordinate the evacuation of the Aquabase and soon there's only them and Ms. Fairweather and the other Rangers reach land and exit the sub they see what's happening and head into action.

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Here is his account of the romantic, nerdy meetup. Questions to potential matches from both sexes were not the typical questions you would expect to hear outside of geekdom.

Just as Carter starts to relax Queen Bansheera's tendrils emerge from the tomb, wrap around his hand and pulls him backwards with her. As everyone searches for something to help them get out, Joel suddenly finds a hatch leading to a maintenance shaft. Finally reaching the bay, everyone quickly boards the sub and works to get it running. The Rangers escape a raid on the Aquabase, destroy both Megazords, storm the Skull Cavern, and defeat Queen Bansheera once and for all.

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Fairweather before watching in horror as the Megazord topples over and destroys one of the pods. Back in the tomb, Ryan notices a cold wind when suddenly Queen Bansheera herself appears.