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Choke cable Vacuum pipe Fuel pipe Disconnect the fuel hose. This seat release bar is under the rear side of the rear fender. Caution Do not damage the matching surface of cylinder head. Caution Do not damage contact surface of the gasket. Clamp Voltage Check Use the digital voltmeter to check the voltage of the battery.

When disassembling fuel system parts, pay attention to O-ring position, replace with new one as re-assembly There is a drain screw in the float chamber for draining residual gasoline. Check if bearings can be turned in smooth and silent, and also check if bearing outer ring is mounted on gear tightly.

Do not let boot open facing up. The starting clutch gear should be rotated in C. Check oil level with oil dipstick.

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Install drive belt onto driven pulley. Engine shall be removal in the conditions of necessary repair or adjustment to the only.

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And the two posts of battery have to be greased after connected the cables. Main jet Caution Take care not to damage jets and adjust screw. Coolant hose Cover the holes of crankcase and cam chain with a piece of cloth. Clean up all emery coated onto cylinder and valve after ground. Replace the piston if its measured value exceeds allowable limit.

Yamaha Vta Vxxta Snowmobile Download. View as shown in this figure. Disconnect the coupler of the fuel unit. The trouble usually can be determined or by performing cylinder compression test and judging the abnormal noise generated. Before removing adjustment screw, turn it all the way down and note the number of turns.

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Grind valve seat with a rubber hose or other manual grinding tool. Bend out the rear axle nut fixed plate. Install the piston ring onto piston carefully. Install the driven pulley that has installed the belt onto drive shaft. When maintenance brake system, computer horoscope software will be supposed to paint the surface or the rubber parts catches up by the rags.

Land Rover Freelander

Cylinder Head Reassembly Valve spring retainer Lubricate valve stem with engine oil, and then Valve stem seal insert the valve into valve guide. Yamaha Xt Xtz Tenere Download. Yamaha Xj Xjs Xjn Download. Replace the switch if damaged.

Caution The socket bolt is provided with left turn thread. Apply with specified grease to lubricate the inside of movable driven face. Check if the final shaft and gear are burn, wear or damage.

Caution To adjust the headlight beam follows related regulations. Add coolant to proper level if necessary. Idle speed check and adjustment have to be done after engine is being warm up. Inspection on Charging Voltage Turn on the headlight to high beam and start the engine.

In the contact surface has any damage. If oil level is nearly low level, fill out recommended oil to upper level. Thus, if weight rollers are worn out or damaged, the centrifuge force will be affected. Dowel pins Install the left crankcase onto the right crankcase.

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Make sure that pump shaft can be rotated freely. Rotate each bearings inner ring with fingers. Mark the centers of the tires to indicate the axle center height. The model of the spark plug and the tightening torque.

Rocker Arm Shaft Measure the active O. Check the liquid level in the front fender right side. Caution Great care shall be taken not to damage or bend the float arm of the gauge. Hook Take out the bulb connector and the bulb. Clamp Disconnect the carburetor upper parts and cable.

Replace the brake lining if the wear limit mark Lining closed to the edge of brake disc. Installation Install in reverse order of removal procedures.

Disconnect the negative cable terminal first, then the positive cable terminal. Check if bearings can be turned in smooth and silent, and also check if bearing outer ring is mounted on wheel hub. Caution Do not damage the matching surfaces of cylinder and cylinder head.

Yamaha Xtz Tenere Download. System Test Stop the engine. Install the impeller onto the water pump shaft and Water pump rotor tighten.

Press piston rings in one by one as installation. Check the following connectors as indicated in the table at the harness side. Otherwise, the cylinder head may be deformed as heating it. Apply with emery slightly onto valve contact face. Check if the shift drum is wear or damage.

Owner/Operator Manual

Install new inner side bearing and seal into front wheel hub. Install clutch spring compressor onto the pulley assembly, and operate the compressor to let the wrench be installed more easily. Turn handle from right to left alternative and check if turning is smoothly. Caution Do not let emery enter into between valve stem and valve guide.