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It had the right amount of impressionist art history to be informative, but not enough for me to get bored of reading about Van Gogh or Monet. It is worth persevering though as it does pick up and ultimately delivers the goods. The vocabulary is tough, but not impossible, and the definition can certainly be inferred through the context.

This book's writing was nothing like the writing of Sir Archer I've come to adore. And if you haven't yet read any of Sir Archer's books, then I'd suggest that you leave this one alone and try one of his masterpieces like The Cliffton Chronicles. It's gripping, sensational and a thoroughly excellent read. And whatever parts did manage to take me off guard were totally eye-roll-worthy due to the nonsensicality of it all.

Open Preview See a Problem? It has a simple plot, and the story moves as one would expect.

Jeffrey Archer

The moment Adam Scott opens the yellowing envelope, he sets into motion a deadly chain of events. What I remember about Archer's books is that he's really good at writing characters you just hate and thus heroes whom you really want to win. It definitely kept my interest.

What can an Oxford don, a respected society physician, a chic French art dealer, and a charming English lord have in common? There was hardly any philosophy, dialogue writing was not very good. The gallery specialised in modern art, including pieces by the sculptor and painter Leon Underwood. If this book is unavailable why did you take my credit? This was an enjoyable thriller, taking us on a tour across Europe and will be perfect for anyone interested in Van Gough or painters.

This book would fall under the murder mystery genre. Loved each and every part of this book. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

By Jeffrey Archer

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This one, a stand-alone, involves a painting by Van Gogh, the family that owns the painting, an evil banker, and an art expert who, at first, seems out of her milieu in dealing with dastardly banker. The author uses realistic dialogue, though the language is more sophisticated, giving a more adult vibe to the reader. And only then will readers discover that Van Gogh's Self-portrait with Bandaged Ear has a secret of its own that acts as the final twist in this unforgettable yarn. It was a good bang for a buck.

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This is well paced, well written and is a very entertaining listen. Further suggestions might be found on the article's talk page. There's an odd coincidence that many of these owners have their A very interesting thriller, somewhat slow to build but with great characters, both on the good-guys side and on the villain side. The only thing that liked was how the author bring these characters against each other.

The book frequently held my interest and from time to time I felt an eagerness to discover what would come next, but I would not recommend this to those who are ardent suspense enthusiasts. There are tales from India, Germany, the Channel Islands, England, Italy, and many other countries, all brought back with care. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. He gained a blue in athletics and went on to run for England, and once successfully competed for Great Britain.

Media reports claimed he had been abusing this privilege by attending lunches with friends, including former Education Secretary Gillian Shephard. Seems like the protagonist, the antagonist and the author had no subplots, because story is already planned, a trip that is already successful before it's been enjoyed.

Jeffrey Archer

Jeffrey Archer

The book was published in multiple languages including English language, consists of pages and is available in Mass Market Paperback format. Tch, Tch, such bad luck they have, hunh? But overall I liked the character development and pace of the story. Aside from that an enjoyable story.

Abels Tochter Jeffrey Archer. Just as she is leaving he Jeffrey Archer writes the best soaps. False Impression by Jeffrey Archer. In Archer was a casualty of a fraudulent investment scheme involving a Canadian company called Aquablast. Archer never spoke during the trial, muthal mariyathai songs tamilwire though his wife Mary again gave evidence as she had done during the trial.

Fortunes are made and squandered, honor betrayed and redeemed, and love lost and rediscovered. Olga Krantz is a low-profile killer whose orders from Fenston are to make sure Anna is murdered and to deliver the Van Gogh back to him. The novel gives us a bit of art history, also all kinds of twists and turns and heart stopping intrigues. As well as novels and short stories, Archer has also written three stage plays.

False Impression uses these same tricks. All in all, False Impression is a cheesy thriller whose only offering is a novelty theme, and even that wa The first third of the book is terribly predictable.

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On second thought, perhaps that's apt. This novel is exceptionally well written, the language is clear, the plot is concise, and the characters are very well developed. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Nearly a decade after his last volume of short stories was published, Jeffrey Archer returns with his eagerly awaited, brand-new audiobook collection. He tipped Mellor to reach the cabinet. Sons of Fortune by Jeffrey Archer. This article about a crime novel of the s is a stub.

Despite the different points of view throughout the story, the actual tale is easy to follow. Archer deftly educates us about the nuances of high end art collectors and the auction houses that make sales public. It opens with the prospective sale of an original Van Gogh and the timely murder of its owner, one of England's aristocrats Victoria Wentworth.