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Simon Cowell, in particular, was very proud of them and called the performance his favorite of the season.

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The song earned them praise from Kelly, who said she adored the new sassy side of Sierra. They are the first group to win the show. They are the highest-charting winners of any season of The X Factor. That song earned them praise. Despite this controversy, the duo made it through to the live shows.

How long have alex and sierra been dating youtube

They started work on their first album in January and hoped to have it out in, according to them, about four months or so. In an interview after the winner was announced, Simon Cowell revealed that Alex and Sierra received the most number of public votes every week of the competition. However, Sierra's vocals were criticized for not being as strong as Alex's, some sociologists describe the dating process as a which hurt her feelings because she had only been singing seriously for only a year. Sierra has since graduated.

Both were students at the University of Central Florida when they decided to try out for the show. The judges enjoyed the performance despite some very minor criticism from Kelly Rowland. The judges praised them for putting their own twist on the song. However, the performance worked for them and earned them well deserved praise by the judges. The performance earned them massive applause from the audience and a standing ovation from Simon Cowell.

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