Hotspot For Windows 8 Laptop

Try disabling the firewall and other things, which may block your new connection thinking it miscellaneous and then try again hotspot will work. You need to open the properties of the connection which you want to be shared with the hotspot. Windows can turn your laptop or desktop into a wireless hotspot, allowing other devices to connect to it. Internet, turbo tax but the problem is that my windows phone does not connect to the hotspot.

Hi, i have done hotspot correctly and its working. Infact another problem created for me. Using tutorial i can make my laptops as hotpot but unable to internet is not sharing with my iPhone.

Go to the sharing tab of your internet connection and then in the drop down select the hotspot connection with a star! Please let me know how to fix this. Its connected but internet is not running in my phone.

An ad-hoc network is really just a simple, direct network connection between devices. Hi, The procedure worked for me. Once you've downloaded the file, extract it, and launch the VirtualRouterPlus file within that folder. Check your private network firewall.

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Thank you for sharing a great staff. It ask to me to select wifi or Ethernet. Right click and run as administrator. Copy all the code, and then save it as.

How to Turn Your Windows PC Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Provide a name for your network, enter a passphrase, and choose the connection you want to share with devices that connect to that Wi-Fi network. Press the enter and hotspot will be created.

How to Turn Windows 8 PC or Laptop into WiFi Hotspot FIXED

Thank You for dropping by! Pls help what could be problem. If yes, enable and try the command again. Please do read the tutorial in detail! You can do pretty much everything in PowerShell that you can do in Command Prompt, plus a lot of other useful things.

Sir it worked for me until end. Please read the post in detail, at the end of the post there is an update which just enable one to solve that specific problem! And it shows now the hotspot wifi is connected but there is no internet access though.

Tried this, and it worked like magic! With Internet Connection Sharing, it can share your Internet connection with those connected devices. In the post above I have added the way you can do it, Follow the Procedure! You can go to device manager, under network adapter you can enable your virtual network adapter.

Now you need to start the wifi hotspot in windows, again you are going to need the cmd and the cmd must run in the administrator mode. Select it and your laptop will disconnect from its current Wi-Fi network and start hosting an ad-hoc network your other devices can connect to. Then I disabled the MacAfee firewall on my laptop and now the tethering actually works! However, I can not start the hosted network. Thank you kingofjedi for posting this.

Wifi hotspot for windows 8

Try now with the command netsh wlan start hostednetwork with admin privileges. The above is the command to create the hotspot. Can anyone suggest anything else?

How to turn your Windows 8 PC into a Wi-Fi hot spot

Are you sure you have read the post completely? But as it got disconnected on restarting my laptop, I again started the host network, it started fine. You can even see a list of connected devices in this window. Hi, I seem to have the same problem some others have mentioned. Your hotspot must show the internet access under the networking and sharing settings!

It is to do with the wifi adapter in the main laptop that the internet is sharing or something? At this point, setup is easy. For those who want to make it permanent create a. Later you will share your laptop internet connection with the hotspot through the windows Network and sharing center. Do you have any suggestions why it is happening, and what to do?

How to Set Up WiFi Hotspot in Windows 8

Even though my computer was in French, it was so easy to fulfil the things you put here and I successfully shared my internet. Guys i didnt get the other connection. Now you just need to start the hotspot in order to start sharing your internet connection. Also I have created it so many times with new password. How can I make it work again?

When saving the file change default format. Just wondering if you have figured out a way to make it permanent yet.

In my mobile phone i get the WiFi network. The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested opera tion. Using data card first connectoin internet access but wifi hosted network show no internet access how to solve it. To do so, give your network a name e.

Please tell me how hotspot could be made possible. But as you have stated that you have shared your regular internet connection with your created hotspot then means you have started the network.

It is very useful and easy to use. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation.

But every time I tried to get connected it is showing password incorrect. First off, be really careful during setup. Hi Koming, I have downloaded and installed the same. Following is the command line to create the hotspot, set the password and name it as you want too. Hi Guys, I have followed the steps provided, and connection was established successfully, however I am not able to access the internet from my phone.

If it doesn't show up, stop the connection on your computer, and hit Start again. Smarthome Office Security Linux. Before that command all things are same as per your instruction but after this command this type of problem occured. Other devices connection is also established but we are not able to browse internet. So, tweak your power settings if need be.