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The titular character, Kitarou, is the last living descendant of the Ghost Tribe, and it is basically a story of his various encounters with different supernatural beings. Looks like this all happens at the end of the volume. And unlike a lot of anime soundtracks, where they use musical scores and pieces, this soundtrack uses a lot of sounds. Gon accomplished this by forcefully aging himself, reducing his lifespan and maybe sacrificing his ability to use nen ever again.

Their relationship advances each summer, as they deal with its limitations. Hotaru asks Sailor Prute to send her back to the past because she wants to meet her father.

Hakaba Kitarou does not actually have an overarching plot. The voice acting is also very good, though I was a bit surprised at first by how low Kitarou sounded when he first spoke. You first have Kitarou, who is definitely not your average goody good shoe protagonist. Then you have Nezumi Otoko, also called the Rat Man, who shows some antagonistic tendencies towards Kitarou, but is not exactly one. Although Kitarou and Rat Man's antics are amusing, dating a cancer man horoscope I found myself not really caring for them for the most part.

It's sadly poof, but really cute with baggy clothes. It has also become one of my favorites. Chibi Usa becomes a beautiful lady. As a Chikeisei, she can manipulate time to make it go forward or backward. No one is entirely good and no one is entirely bad.

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Many of the episodes could be hit or miss, so it basically comes down to whatever floats your boat. His chuckle is very creepily well done. The series tends to use dark, gloomy colors, which nicely sets up the atmosphere, but when it uses brighter colors, it makes those colors more vibrant.

She has a transformation ability. She knows everything about the other world, but nothing about our own. This series uses its soundtrack effectively to set up the atmosphere and mood. The ending, however, could have been better and is a bit bland compared to its wonderful opening.

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She takes a doctor's medicine and returns to an adult temporarily. The majority of the cast are morally ambiguous. It ends with Hotaru accepting her pain and moving on with her life. Rikaku is something of a parody though, bragging about her size and inflating herself like a mating bird looking for a spouse when she sees a suitable man.

It is a rather strange series that has a nice blend of comedy and horror. After sex, another baby appears. Her dress explodes then around the chest. The night ends tragically when Gin mistakenly touches a boy who snuck in as well.

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The story in each of the individual episodes are interesting and a bit peculiar. The side characters also show various shades of gray. One of such often heard sounds is the clucky wood-hitting-on-wood sound. The result was her becoming a Tall Dark And Bishoujo girl in a sparkly gown. This series also uses a lot of camera angles so the animation may seem a bit stiff in some parts.

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