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There are several navigation software products available. In addition, marine navigation software often has option to control external autopilot for automated boat navigation.

Some other features include turn-by-turn navigation, an offline search, maps for things other than driving, and more. But there are other free navigation apps available that you may not have heard of, including Waze and MapQuest, that have some unique features worth considering. Google has been really on top of navigation especially over the last couple of years.

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It should work for most people most of the time. It's great for directions, especially on road trips or daily commutes. Here are some more Android apps that might be useful on your drive!

Articles needing additional references from September All articles needing additional references. However, it's a great way to kill two birds with one stone. That should help in areas with spotty data connections.

10 best GPS apps and navigation apps for Android

BackCountry Navigator is an excellent navigation app for hikers. Transport software Global Positioning System.

Although not linked to tracks or routes, they can be used to simplify the construction of routes, by being able to be re-used. They are also both by Google. Some have reported some issues here and there, but nothing overly worrisome. Get the Android Authority app on Google Play. There is also a map creator app that can let you alter maps as well.

10 best GPS apps and navigation apps for Android - Android Authority

Voice control is much safer than trying to type in destinations. There are additional map options as well, but they may cost money. Additionally, it has accessibility features and you can download maps for offline use.

You can download maps for offline use in your region. What We Like Social aspect allows users to let each other know of obstructions and hazards ahead. What We Don't Like Free version is ad-supported. Learn to use Siri to get directions for you as you drive.

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Apple's Maps app got off to a difficult start a few years ago, with many inaccuracies and inconsistencies in its database. It also features multiple coordinate formats, trail recording, a unique waypoint management system, and your standard stuff like turn-by-turn directions. You can download a bunch of them and most of them are pretty good. MapFactor is one of the low key popular navigation app options.

With most apps, for example, upcoming traffic information is represented by a yellow or red line, and perhaps an accident icon. Waze also has a nice feature that lets you automatically send real-time updates of your estimated time of arrival to friends via social media. The free version of the app has a download limit.

Like others on this list, it provides downloaded maps for offline use except this one uses TomTom maps. It's not half bad for what you get. Tap the upper left corner of the screen to choose directions for car, public transportation, walking, and even bicycling-specific directions.

GPS navigation software

10 best GPS apps and navigation apps for Android

But beyond that window dressing, MapQuest is a very solid and accurate turn-by-turn navigation app with a long history of thorough and accurate data. Plus, banking books Waze has a lot of fun voices for navigation.

Best Free GPS Turn-by-Turn Navigation Apps

It looks old, but it works well. Free with in-app purchases. If you are a Major League Baseball fan, and you want to customize your navigation app with your favorite team's logo and colors, this is the app for you.

It's expensive, but at least it's not a subscription. The app is completely free with no in-app purchases. This is also the system some car manufactures use. Alerts users to traffic problems.