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Photoshop The two-tonne gorilla on the block, the leviathan of graphic software, the old-timer who knows it all or most of it. Navigate, view, and preview documents. Download and installation help. Adjust bitmap color and tone.

Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. The two-tonne gorilla on the block, the leviathan of graphic software, the old-timer who knows it all or most of it.

Fireworks Help

Customize using configuration files. Optimize in the workspace. Working with bitmaps More. System requirements for Fireworks.

When a user drags an object, Fireworks tries to guess what the user intends to do with the object and draws temporary visual and placement aids. Sadly, like Sketch, it runs only on Macs.

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Yet despite these flaws, Fireworks has not only prevailed but become the primary choice of thousands. Enter text Selecting text Format and edit text. For bitmap perfection, is second to none, and it runs like a purring albeit oversized sports car.

Insert objects into a Fireworks document. Creating and editing slices. Creating and editing slices Interactive slices Hotspots, image maps, nod32 key generator and rollovers Preparing slices for export. Special vector-editing techniques.

10 tools to use instead of Fireworks

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Prototyping websites and interfaces using Fireworks pages. Using Fireworks with Photoshop.

Using Fireworks with Illustrator. Fireworks was created specifically for web production. While there are facilities for creating images, these are meagre and nowhere near as flexible as those available in Fireworks. Layers, masking, and blending More. Blending and transparency Masking Layers.

Its image compression is sub-Fireworks, symbol libraries are absent, and the vector handling is limited and fiddly. The smart guides however, are not placed by users. Picasa Manage, edit and share your photos with ease.

Change the canvas Undo and repeat multiple actions Navigate, view, and preview documents Workspace basics. Applying strokes and fills. Hotspots, image maps, and rollovers.

Additionally, the user may enable the snap feature of the Fireworks, which causes objects pieces of image, text or layers drag to the vicinity of a guide to snap to it. Preparing slices for export.

Optimizing and exporting More. They are areas of the image that may interest the user such as the image boundaries, middle of the image or general boundaries of another object. Don't leave without your download!

We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. Previewing Fireworks documents in mobile emulators. Apply colors and save swatches.

Applying color, strokes, and fills More. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Creating buttons and pop-up menus More.

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10 tools to use instead of Fireworks

Button symbols Pop-up menus Navigation basics. Blending and transparency. Illustrator If Photoshop is a seasoned hockey player who understands its job and gets it done, Illustrator is the ice dancer who pirouettes around in perfect circles.

Layers may be wider or taller than the image itself. They are also used for defining behaviors in cases of symbol buttons like Up, Down, Over. Prototyping websites and interfaces More. In this deadline-driven industry, getting snagged by sudden incompatibility or gradually more unstable programs is dangerous.

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The retina display support is a nice feature, too. Unfortunately, Sketch runs only on Macs, a situation that seems unlikely to change.

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