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She also has long black hair and is frequently accompanied by her black cats. Written in a diary format, it opens with Emily attempting to recover her memory and regain her sense of style. Being middle grade, these are very easy to read, but it's nice to have something light and easy every once on a while. After this scary episode I cant stop in reading.

The overall voice and tone of the book is entertaining and generally hilarious. Read this and for a few hours, you feel pretty darn cool - in a yr-old goth girl sort of way. The story is about a girl who woke up with nothing but a few items in hand, and no memory at all.

And I love the fact that the authors included the ripped out pages from the front and middle of the book. Past me must have not enjoyed it very well.

This book is about Emily the Strange who wakes up one day in a tiny town with no memories. Emily gets amnesia, writes notes in her notebook trying to figure out the whole sordid detail, rinse, wash, and repeat.

Rob Reger remains the key creative force behind the brand, and Buzz Parker is the key illustrator for the comic books and website. Her first adventure is truly bizarre, wacko, fun and, well, strange. With those, anyone who picked up this book would already be hooked. The story is full of black humor and irony. Enjoying the benefit of a second Emily at first, the real Emily comes across problems such as identity crisis and loss of some of her unique talents.

Was there any reason she was there? This one was an easy listening and well read audio book. In fact, I almost put it down.

And that pretty much sets the tone for the book. Yeah, I think that basically says it all.

She looked like she always looks. While I liked the premise of the book, a lot of tended to be repetitive. When the book came, I learned it was the fourth, so I proceeded to borrow the other three from the library. It is also incredibly diary style with awesome drawings. Join Emily as she unravels the truth on why she can't remember anything, and what is she doing in Blackrock.

Emily the strange book

She learns about Boris, Attikol's ancestor, and decides to time travel into to save Lily and take Boris off her tail using a moving, severed cat's tail. They even kept the page numbers on them! And now she is the star of a series of no I admit it - I'm old and was never hip so a lot of pop culture stuff passes me by without even stopping to say hello.

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Emily the Strange

Emily is usually shown accompanied by four black cats. Strange is the new normal for Emily and it looks great on her. Emily, like Rosamond, nfs most wanted songs has long dark hair with square-cut bangs. Not to mention the fact that her clone thinks she is the real Emily and evidently plans to end Emily Strange for good.

The Lost Days (Emily the Strange 1) by Rob Reger

She decides to call herself Earwig. The cover is kind of misleading, because looking at it makes one think it the book is a gloom and doom goth book. The book starts with the main character having amnesia and not knowing where she is, who she is, or what's going on.

She doesn't know anyone else's name. But as the story started coming to an end, I realized that it didn't matter, everything started making sense. That's why I wanted to like this book so much. There are some scenarios that doesn't seem to fit the story, which I would to like believe is intentionally done by the author. Okay, this book was adorable.

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But she knows that she must figure out who she is, and why this happened to her. Emily is totally a kindred spirit for me and I am so glad I found her.

Strange Brew by Tin Can Knits

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She doesn't know why she can't remember these things, or why eleven pages were torn out of her notebook. All she have are her pen and notebook, which remained her buddy pieces. But apart Okay, this book was adorable. There are a lot of things in here that could in no way happen in real life Unless you are talking philosophically or being very pedantic - which I am not at the moment! Aside from the composition of the novel, the story itself is also engaging.

Emily the strange book