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Los que se van, Buenos Aires. Abstract of a report to Lieut. Liolaemini en el centro de Chubut, online dating statistics india Argentina.

Two new species of Ctenoblepharis Reptilia, Iguanidae from the arid environments of the central Argentina Mendoza Province. Comparisons from the Andes to the Patagonian steppe in Argentina.

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Two new subspecies of the Liolaemus fitzingeri complex from Argentina. Ediciones de la Universidad de Chile. Liolaemidae from Salta Province, Argentina. Chemical composition of precloacal secretions of Liolaemus lizards.

New endemic iguanid lizards from the Famatina Mountains of western Argentina. Un nuevo saurio de Bolivia Lacertilia Iguanidae. Reproductive cycle of Phymaturus patagonicus. Prolonged cycles as a common reproductive pattern in viviparous lizards from Patagonia, Argentina. Liolaemini from southern Mendoza province, Argentina.

Cuantos ejes de simetria tien los cuadrilateros?

Jacobacci, Rio Negro, Argentina. On a small collection of reptiles from Argentina.

An examination of the Reptilia and Batrachia obtained by the Orton Expedition to Equador and the Upper Amazon, with notes on other species. An indirect form of parental care in a high altitude viviparous lizard, Liolaemus huacahuasicus Tropiduridae. Liolaemini en el noroeste de la provincia de La Rioja, Argentina. Liolamidae in pampean coastal dunes of Argentina.

Literatura citada Abdala, C. Al igual que trabajos previos, Morando et al. Dos revisores realizaron comentarios y sugerencias que mejoraron sustancialmente el manuscrito. Librarie Enclyclopedique de Roret, Paris.

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Sexual size dimorphism and allometry in Liolaemus of the L. Methods for assessing population size in sand dune lizards Liolaemus multimaculatus. New lizards from the volcanic Patagonian plateau of Argentina. Printed by Order of the Trustees.