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William married Mary Mossop who had dual Mossop parentage. He died in Barrow-in-Furness.

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Some time later Barbara came to Jason's offices offering him a job. He made his will in and left everything to his nephews and nieces.

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No will is apparent either for John or his brother Clement and therefore I do not know how the freehold of Low Prior Scale was passed down. However, he preferred the leased farm of Thornholme where he spent his life. Bridget lived until when she was living in Whitehaven. Jason came to visit her and he learned for the first time about her paralysis and why Babs broke off their engagement.

Black Canary was planning to escape with Jason's help, but it was revealed that the attack caused Jason to lose his eyesight and he would be unable to help her escape the island. For her, they are just the meat and object, Mistress is not treating them as human beings. Interesting but there are actually no many of real Dommes left today. Thomas had at least one son and probably at least two.

They had three daughters, Mary, Jane and Anne but apparently no sons. He may offer you financial favors. He most likely doesn't want to disappoint you by saying no.