Come up with an escape plan

Dating sleepover rules and tips

Decide how you feel on the gender question. Suggest board games or outdoor play instead. You'll need to know where to reach them cell phones, restaurant number that evening, overnight, and in the morning. If you allow teen sleepovers, you might even find yourself playing the role of the host parent and wondering what you can do to make sure the night goes smoothly. So long as you follow the rules.

If you do decide to host a mixed sleepover or let your teen go to one, make supervision a priority. When it comes to teen sleepovers, alcohol is a very real threat. Keep one drawer empty for guest toiletries. It might keep them off the phone for a while. Unless you have an endless supply of No-Doze you're planning to utilize, that is.

They gave me huge fake eyelashes and they even put this orange makeup all over my face. Because I know exactly what you need to do to have the best sleepover ever. And there's no reason to force the issue sibling. Bake gooey chocolate-chunk cookies, order an extra-cheesy pizza. This is the time to reconfirm your previously chosen bedtime.

We have lots of sleepovers at my house. This way, you have plenty of space for sleeping bags, bowls of junk food, and the occasional mid-sleepover cartwheel. Treat teen sleepovers as special rewards.

Get to know theIt's a major breach of slumber

It's a major breach of slumber party etiquette to simply help yourself. Get to know the other parent. The sleepover contingent won't want to include the sibling.