If you touch me, I will kill you

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But, in the end, even an organism such as he would have to overcome its own physical laws if it were to survive entropy. The other day I found myself in a room with a television broadcasting the news, a situation I would never allow if I were alone. When they met for the first time in a lab in Minnesota, they both wore navy blue shirts with epaulettes. We may, after all, be no more than part of Shiva's dream with no way to judge that the construct we think of as reality is really only part of that same dream. The others in the room with me, accustomed to this type of thing, saw nothing strange in it.

He took the blow without complaint, though he fell under it. Knowing his strength, speed and intent, I did not run, and I did not hold back.

It was a tiny brain, about four millimetres wide, far from an actual brain's abilities. Or perhaps a result of a cultural prejudice from early indoctrination or an association with a forgotten experience. Even though, in fact, you do go on existing, every cell and every memory, it is impossible for a person to overcome his sense of self. Europe fell into a long period of illiteracy. One was brought up by German, Nazi Catholics while the other lived his whole life as a Jew in Trinidad.

Being as he was a man

The real, solid and complete I watching the fuzzy, incomplete, partial I perceived by others. It seems we humans make up a body without a brain.

It is a self made

The formal rhythmic structure kept those who memorized the stories fairly true. That is our genes talking to us. It is a large canvas like so many by the master's studio.

Just as Plato did, or Kant whose ding an sich, refers to the un-knowable true essence of reality, if indeed, it exists at all. The natural cycle would fertilize the earth naturally. My self is a whole entity, I have been my self for all the time I have existed.

Being as he was, a man lacking the gene for multi-tasking, as do I, his strength instead was in his ability to concentrate on one task with all his being, and for as long as it took. It is a self made up of genetic tendencies forged by varied circumstance.

As well as the altruism one can rely on receiving in certain circumstances from his community, which is really reciprocal altruism. An interesting and, to science's present state of knowledge, unanswerable question. Where in the big city we learn to shut our empathy off at a personal limit, if the mendicant were in our home, on our territory, we would be far less likely to be able to ignore his need. There is another interesting conundrum to ponder.

Unlike me also, it is impossible for them to get lost on the way back since they can smell the traces of our passing hours earlier. In other words, there are physical manifestations and consequences from the particular make-up of our transitory and unique collection of atoms we each call I.