Don't you ever go near both of us

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More over, she had the luck to team up with one of the best dancers of the academy for the duo performance. The instructor greets them both with almost tears of joy backstage, and they are soon separated by the fool congratulating them on the show. He never helped me in my things either expected when I was struggling already.

Jungkook you really have changed after you ask Seolhyun out. Pelearse por decidir que comer, porque los dos sois unos indeciso cuando se trata de comida, terminando por pedir servicio a domicilio de pollo. Probably talking to the mangers of the event about how the show is to be cancelled. At least you gave us a good performance.

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That was his normal effect on every croud. Trying to get him out of his studio giving up at the end because wherever he is you will be there to support him. Late night practices and major injuries were all worth the while for such an opportunity. He stands, fixing my creased bloused.

When she heard footsteps nearing, she instantly ruined her like mine and got juice then spill it into her outfit. Nipping on her fingers, she keeps her eyes glued to the door, praying for a miracle. You haven't even listen to my opinion. He'll think, I spilled the juice on her. Don't you ever go near both of us.

Looking for things on Tumblr and YouTube together because you are addicted to the internet, it is like your second home. Scaring you when after practice he appears behind you, holding you under the moon as your song rings. She not nice, she's a big brat. And a miracle does happen.

Buscando cosas en Tumblr y YouTube juntos porque sois unos viciados a internet, es como vuestra segunda casa. He is never going to get used to people talking about him that way. Entering the practice room breathless, her eyes widen at the unusually croud busy talking, which is explained by the absence of the intructor that was known for her strictness about time. Nothing serious but enough to not allow him to perform. Talented, beautiful, miraculous were all qualification that only humbled him more and more everyday, making him push harder to become better and never disappoint.