Absolutely no one likes Scourge

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Downplayed and then subverted in Wandering Son. The version of Wolverine in the Ultimate Universe was even less popular, because the Ultimate Universe's Darker and Edgier approach meant that Ultimate Wolvie was even more of an asshole. Bardock calls him a pain in the neck partner when he learns Raditz is paired up with him.

Even his son, Trunks, spends about as much time berating him as he did seeking his approval. After this, he became a more sympathetic character. Sakura struggles to be contemptuous about it however, and is kind to them despite their abrasiveness towards her, something that wins them over and makes them softer, more genuine friends.

All of his friends regularly mention how much they dislike him, even if in a semi-joking manner. Megatron is also not exactly popular when he joins, for multiple obvious reasons. It doesn't help that he has Chronic Backstabbing Disorder. And even Ragdoll is squicked when new team member Black Alice develops a crush on him. He's immature and screws things up.

This also explains why she doesn't appear having other friends aside her fellow Sailor Senshi. Despite annoying many of the characters, the Student Council keeps him around to keep him in check. He does prove himself useful at a couple of points, but it's still pretty telling that Ed and Al forgot he even existed when they first run into him again.

Batman for the Justice League. Even an All-Loving Hero like Midoriya might never have befriended Mineta if not for their facing a potentially deadly villain attack together. Throughout the several years in which the manga takes place, Saori has gone through stages of either being a moody, sarcastic jerk or having everyone be nice to her. America can also fill this role.

At World's End Jack Sparrow realizes

His friends always leave him as a lookout when they're doing something important, and they tell him to shut up all the time, due to his trashmouth. At World's End Jack Sparrow realizes he's this trope. It's so bad that whenever Vegeta gets hurt, no one is in any hurry to heal him, even when he's demanding it. From an individual standpoint of each character, they've known him the longest compared to the others.

In the Red Daughter of Krypton storyline Kara thinks no one wants her around because she is too dangerous after being kicked out of the Red Lanterns. Ethel is normally mocked by most of the other characters but is usually present, especially if there's a large group at a party or other social gathering. Ayame and Tanukichi are initially taken in by Kousuri's sweet and innocent act, but it isn't long before she reveals her true colors.

She's a very extreme Heroic Comedic Sociopath and everyone is afraid of her Ax-Crazy streak, but she's still part of the group. Although, he quickly evolves into a Sitcom Arch-Nemesis for Yotsuba and later even Friendly Enemy and his antics don't trigger more than mild annoyance in other characters. By the end of the manga, she's become a nicer person and is good friends with the others.

It's suggested she can do a lot for them that other people can't. Miu Matsuoka in Strawberry Marshmallow.

Wolverine was this on the X-Men, early in his career. Even Sonic himself, who is a bit more sympathetic to Eric, simply tolerates him at best.

His friends always leave