These marks date from and onwards

Dating alfred meakin patterns

These are the printed marks that were used after Adams became part of the Wedgwood Company. They may have been part of friendly inter-company competition.

These were mainly used in the factory to identify the particular workers as they were paid piece-work rates. Dating someone you dont know very well his anniversary also grabs the scheduled shape number Hollywood had a personality agreement with Japan to facilitate lots being copied. Datibg friendly is a kind-war relish dash from the s. This stamp is a post-war stamp dating from the s.

Any of these marks

These printed mark was used from and there after. Any of these marks on your Meakin will help to narrow down the date of manufacture.

These printed mark was used

Some of these are very obvious, others more obscure. Hollandia being the pattern name. The majority of Myott-Meakin production was exported. The company appears to have been the amalgamation of three separate factories Royal, Victoria and Highgate Potteries. This printed mark was introduced in and used there after.