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And it was no less a leader in the new field of international radio propaganda. Here is one such schedule from Radio Australia. During the war, both had served as the colonial voice of their home countries. Here is a brief, readable history of Radio Canada International. Jerry's Front Radio station leaflets dropped on Allied soldiers invited them to turn themselves in, and we have posted one such leaflet here.

James declined to go to Cyprus when the station moved there, returning to civilian life instead. The course ends with a contest. The newspaper is not specifically radio related, but it contains some interesting history of the day and is worth a look.

These were all mediumwave. What makes this item interesting is the detail it contains about the station's appearance and operation.

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It handled international communications on both longwave and shortwave. Here are two more from earlier years. Most were from domestic U.

What makes this item

One strategy was to insert in Latin American publications advertisements that promoted American shortwave. Some of these contained extensive program, time and frequency information. We have posted two files about the Comoros. Could it be true, as mentioned on p.