Portlandia is an interesting show

Costume dating show

Angelo Blind Date is an American dating game show. It features Tiffany Pollard, who is on a quest to find her true love. Also, it's the perfect opportunity to carry around a bag of cookies and eat them all night. You guys are going to be the cutest ones at any party.

But let's not forget the other amazing better characters. Again, it's not about me, but whatever.

This cookie and Cookie Monster costume is super creative and awesome. Anyway, I'm not familiar with the characters, but our editor Sara told me they are kissing cousins. You guys can eat all of the waffles, and be annoyingly chipper all night. So, while Ron and bacon obviously aren't a couple, this is on point. Honor their memory with this perfect couples costume.

Wear some scrubs and

These costumes are so easy - retro dress and cardigan and glasses for Jess, plaid shirt and sneakers for Nick. You can always put your own spin on it by doing some gender bending. Do the couples costume of Michonne and her pet zombie. And every couple wants to be like them.

Have bae dress as a surgeon, and then put yourself in a nude bikini or jumpsuit and pretend you're about to get surgery. This is perfect if one of you is more into the holiday than the other one. It literally could not be an easier costume.

Dwight and Angela were always a weird couple, but they make for a unique costume idea. Grab some mom jeans and bulky sweaters, put on some ears, and make everyone smile. Have bae wear a white button down and pants, and you can wear a yellow dress. Since it's so old, it's not a costume you're going to see everywhere, so the chances of you guys being super unique are pretty great. Have bae dress as Steve in an outfit so simple, even dudes who hate Halloween costumes won't mind it.

If you're not familiar it's about

Wear some scrubs and doctor coats, and call yourselves Meredith and Derek. If you're not familiar, it's about a man named Popeye who was a sailor and ate a lot of spinach. They got every detail so right, if I look at this picture quickly, it looks like the actual Jim and Pam. You can add the props if you want, but you don't need to. They were adorable and the best and we all rooted for them.

This is simple to put together, since it involves items you most likely already own. It's easy, it's funny, and it will make people smile.

Out there, but in a good way. Have bae do the same for Ben Wyatt.