Amy yelled at Rob to help her mum

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Rob also falsely claimed that he didn't blame her for him being sent to prison, and before Tracy left he asked if she would come to visit him again, to which she agreed. Rob made his way back to Coronation Street in hopes of finding Carla, however discovered that she was no longer living in the area. Although Tracy was relieved, she admitted the two of them would have been amazing together.

Although angry at his actions and how things were falling apart, she eventually softened and they decided to run away together. She decided that she wanted to return to America to start afresh and planned to sell Underworld so put the business on the market.

Rob reunites with Tracy, however he has an ulterior motive in mind. Johnny, not wanting to succumb to Rob's blackmail, informed Carla himself that he was her real father. After one last kiss, Rob departed, leaving Tracy to be arrested. He was later arrested and taken into custody, before being sentenced to twenty-five years in prison.

He contacted Tracy by payphone and

The police then traced Amy's call and dispatched armed police to their location. Prior to her wedding to Peter, Rob warned her that she was too good for him but seeing that Peter meant the world to her, he gave her his blessing and wished her the best of luck. Over the next few days Rob was guilt-ridden especially as his sister was being accused of the attack and he tried to pin the blame on Peter. The order was however secured when he won her round when they met a couple of days later.

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He refused to allow Carla or Tracy to contact him. Johnny phoned Rob and told him his plan had failed. Over the next few weeks Rob had attempted to lay the blame on Peter, and tried to convince people he was the killer.

As Tracy vowed to move in with him, Rob became unsettled and Peter believed that Rob wasn't committed to their relationship. Tracy relished at the suggestion that she could have a future with Rob, again failing to mention that she was in a relationship with Robert. Tracy realised that she did in fact love him and having made up, Rob moved back into No. Deducing that Rob and Tracy's stories didn't add up, she confronted Rob believing he was covering for Tracy and that she'd killed Tina.

He contacted Tracy by payphone and she later arrived to meet him. When Rob told Amy that Tracy had confessed to attacking Ken, she was upset and angry, and stormed off. With his oncreen romance with actress Jamie Forster in Downton Abbey, many regarded them to have been dating in real life.

Stunned and distraught Rob allowed himself to be arrested. Tracy, however, had another idea. He'll be as rough as old boots because Carla's mum was rough too. However, Rob took some delight in winding Peter up about it, as business steadily improved.

After driving for a while, the car broke down and Rob got out to fix the it. He was also angry when he learned that Tracy was delivering stolen goods during that evening. The pair then kissed and rekindled their romance.