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Consolidating data from duplicate rows

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Choose one calculation for your combined data. Check Top row and Left column from Use labels in option. Allen has extensive experience with desktop and system software for both Windows and Linux operating systems. Close the copy and then reload the original worksheet. Choose either Filter the list, in-place, or Copy to another location.

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If your data is formatted as a table, the add-in will always get the entire table. If the range do not have the header row, you need uncheck Top row from the Use labels in option. Kutools for Excel includes more than handy Excel tools. Warning Back up your Excel worksheet before you delete duplicate data or make other changes. Standard delimiters include a semicolon, comma, space, and a line break.

If you have a lot of columns in your table, you can expand the wizard window by dragging the bottom-right corner down and to the right until you get a suitable size. Delete the backup copy only when you are sure that the changes made were necessary and correctly done.

Pick the columns where you want to find duplicate entries. If you check My data has headers option, your headers the first row of the range will be ignored when you apply this utility. On the second sheet, those values are from May. Skim the menu to check it out.

If you have hidden rows in your table, they will be processed. It will even highlight duplicates for you. If you have header rows, tick off the My table has headers checkbox at the top. So, if you have two columns data, this code will do a favor for you. This utility is not available for filtering data.

When you use this code, you must be cautious. You can also do this from the Data tab. Tip Find duplicate rows of data by sorting your worksheet in descending or ascending order and then scrolling down the rows of sorted data. This icon is located above the first row and to the left of the first column in your worksheet. Then choose the dark yellow color.

That will bring up a new window. Note that hidden rows are still processed by the add-in.