Abhaya sir teachings were splendid

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You can also work as a professional image editor, which is a very high-paying job and there is a lot of demand for professionals in the market. You will always have Kalyan on hand to help you in any of the aspects. At Tent Cinema, I got a reality check.

Understand the tools of trade for

Shobha maam and Beena maam have been so encouraging and helpful even after the workshop. First two days we were thought about script and screenplay. That is the everyday question. Photography is becoming a highly popular career option these days since it is a rewarding profession that also provides immense creative satisfaction.

Of course, a professional course in photography will definitely help you hone your skills and step into the massive world of photography. My expectation of the workshop was not very high to be honest but I was pleasantly surprised at the amound I learnt on the first day. Overall a complete package of movie was thought to us within in a less span of time.

Learn how to make a great exposure and forget all the guesswork. Finally we had Nagathihalli Chandrashekar sir, again another legendary to learn from. So I joined film making workshop in tent cinema. If ever there was a profession that married science and art, it is the profession of Cinematography. Get real-world advice to help make the most of your camera.

This will also make you think like an artist. Spend few hours shooting in the field and put your technical and artistic skills to practical test.

You will be shooting your camera on Manual Mode and really learn to recognise and use exposure compensations. Abhaya sir teachings were splendid.

This workshop also gives you a chance to get your images critiqued. We also had chance to learn from Ravi kumar sana sir and Manohar joshi sir with great positive attitude and very inspiring. Enjoyed the workshop immensely and have recommended the workshop several others at the workplace. Descriptive experiences of the photography workshop by a participant. Other specialization areas in photography include nature and wildlife photography, travel photography, etc.

You do not need a background in science to do this course. In-depth review and critique sessions are held to give you valuable and encouraging feedback. Start a creative pursuit and enter the exciting world of photography with our weekend photography workshops.

Learn from choosing the right body

Understand the tools of trade for close-up and landscape photography. Learn from choosing the right body with right features to connect to the right set of lenses. The persons looking through the viewfinder, controlling aperture, focus, shutter angle and lighting are the magicians called Cinematographers.