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The software is geared towards residential use with lots of good options to fill the spaces with. Often times there are work-arounds that suffice, but it can be overly cumbersome to edit. You can do most of these but the way you have to get there is more time consuming. It is a good tool for interiors and kitchens. They have helped me on multiple occasions.

They RayTrace rendering takes a bit to get a crisp rendering. Not Likely Extremely Likely. This is a great program, even for users that are beginners like myself. This stuff is mostly used by one and two man shops who can't afford to hire.

Not very useful, it is not best for replacement. Some automatically generated walls and roofs come in incorrectly and can be very difficult to edit and manipulate. Draw up plans of your house, equip your interior and exterior areas and add your own personal touch to your living space.

Might need to upgrade the speed on my computer though. New users should plan on investing a considerable amount of time reading documentation and watching the videos that are available online. Awesome product and interesting competitor for software that costs thousands of dollars.

Chief Architect

Chief Architect

It's hard to figure out how to get the lighting so it doesn't reflect orbs on the drawing. It is uncommon to have corrupt files like you are experiencing. Nothing to dislike for me!

Steep learning curve, but the results are amazing. Not for professionals - at all!

Please give us a call at if we can assist you in any way. They respond quickly and are always helpful. Light in size and flexible.

Chief Architect Full Version - DownloadChief Architect Full Version 10.0

This package does not deliver anything near what it promises. With so many features, we were worried training materials would be hard to come by for our staff. It's very easy to use and customize to specific clients or projects. The software tries to think for you and is sometimes wrong.

Small selection of free catalogs. Once in a while there are few problems with the font and printing option and it is kinda expensive too. Some things are complicated, such as putting a cut out in the wall or getting a good camera angle in a small space. Thank you for the feedback.

Chief Architect for non-architects. It's not the industry standard, so unless you are the company owner or principal architect, don't expect to enter the job market as a proficient Chief user. Chief Architect has quickly made creating models and layouts easier than ever before for us. It covers most of features and modules required by an architect. It's not flawless, enigma song but it is impressive for what the program can do.

Have used it myself too for sometime. They make many of our common tasks such as floor-planning, creating shells, and dimensioning quick and easy. If I ever have a question on how to do something, I can contact easily and get an answer quickly. It's nice that they have all of this available, as well as a live support center, although honestly, I found more luck figuring things out myself.

Easy way to draw simply to very complex arch. Unless you are a novice, don't bother. An easy and convenient tool with a a affordable pricing. Chief Architect just keeps getting better and better.

We have a step by step help article on how to build pole buildings. Finally, some features are overly complicated and it takes a while to figure them out. There are many features to take advantage of almost immediately. Home Architecture Software Chief Architect. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

Some features have a tendency to be slow. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. It provides a very good set of tools for a diy homeowner looking to build as well as a pro bidding jobs and presenting to clients. The learning curve is steep to begin with, but stick it out. You can quickly create plans for builders and permitting.

This software is most suitable for big projects and it is quite easy to use. Chief Architect by Chief Architect.

Chief architect 10

Chief architect 10

Trial Version of Chief Architect

Must have they will solve any issue you have. Steep learning curve especially in the Plan Layout stages of finishing. Also allows for input of land features for full landscaping finish to product drawings. This will change all the exterior walls at the same time.

Small construction business values Chief Architect everyday. After researching over a year. Great software for everyday simple easy to use. The rendering portion of the software could be more developed.