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Burgess steps up to help the unit and prove herself to Voight. When she ends up dead intelligence is suspicious of an Argentine Secretary, Fabian Sosa. They are trapped with no means to communicate out for support. Meanwhile Burgess and Roman are trying to track down a girl who has run off with a police badge. This lead brings Intelligence into a case which robbery-homicide has been working for months.

Soon she realizes there's more to his story. At the same time, Lindsay surprises Halstead with a big question.

Halstead and Lindsay take a step forward in their relationship. Jin is caught while tinkering with Voight's computer and uses the only scapegoat possible to keep him in the clear. Meanwhile the team takes turns watching over Burgess. During the investigation, Halstead learns some new information about Lindsay. Roman warns against it, but it's too late, Chang confiscates their guns and radios.

Voight and Lindsay question the owner of the dispensary who mentions her business has received threats from local gangs upset she's cutting into their revenue. Meanwhile, Platt tries to make the case to Commander Crowley for Burgess and Roman to remain partners. At the same time we learn something about Jin that is bound to be a problem.

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As the guilt begins to eat at Burgess, the team in Intelligence bands together to make finding Nicole their main priority. Meanwhile, Platt puts Roman and Burgess on gun buy-back duty where they ask questions when they aren't supposed to. There is conflict within the case as Intelligence learns that Olinsky and McCoy are friends, and McCoy admits that he was helping Maya and other girls try to escape the sex trade.