Cheryl anne norton dating

Cheryl anne norton dating

However, the pair never came out exclusively as a couple. Another thing I noticed, hearing talented singers such as Alexander O'Neal and Cherrelle again is a sad reminder of the fact newer singers on the radio today can't sing.

However there comes a time

The speculation had initially started when Josh posted a series of Instagram photos featuring Cheryl. Cheryl Scott's Instagram Meanwhile, Dante also posted the same picture expressing his excitement in getting accepted by the love of his life. She split with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and her career began to fade.

His lack of sobriety and admission thereof, led to Hollywood turning its back on him. However, there comes a time in everyone's life when they must settle down. It was nice seeing them on television again, as I grew up on their music. Further, as Cheryl has always been around rumors of her personal life, not being gossiped about her colleague is probably a blessing for her. However, with the money and hits, came tragedy and depression.

It seems like the time might have come for Cheryl as she recently got engaged to her longtime boyfriend. The weather forecaster confirmed her engagement to Dante sharing a photo of Dante proposing her with a lovely caption. Cheryl Scott's Instagram However, like the previous gossip, this rumor also turned out to be false when Cheryl revealed her real boyfriend. They were solo artists, but their names became intertwined as their label Tabu Records paired them for songs with super-producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and other notable production talent.

His lack of sobriety and