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The persistent expectation that the Czech State owes its various citizens an education beyond the secondary level is an anachronism, in my view. What might begin as a wicked political dig might just work itself out into something which benefits the entire nation. Founded as a multicultural society, especially since the late s, Canada is a glorious experiment which has for the most part succeeded. It will achieve high pass-through because you and your friends will like what it puts out there, and you'll tell your friends all about its existence.

Top three tongues, in my opinion, should be English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. The wires this morning had talk about Jan Svejnar's majestic attempt at Commie grab ass-ery. Svejnar might never arrive at himself, due to his complete understanding of the language and culture.

There's likely a handful of readers who are totally put out of joint by the latest round of increases. And all of it revolves around the man known as Ezra.

And if it works for Svejnar, it could work for you too. In most nations in our half of the globe, if not our own, she'd be the envy of the male persuasion, hardly an argument there. No matter what you think about the propriety of publicizing the Prophet Mohammed cartoons, you've just got to love the way Levant presents his case.

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African people aren't some sort of voodoo cannibals who dwell in some far-off continent spearing each other to death for sport. Heck, you don't have to pay it back until you land a good job later. The hijack will be no more. Something tells me that East Africa is the furthest thing from Czech minds as well, folks, which is the reason why Kenya is the subject of our entry today. That is, once he theoretically establishes his new political faction in Parliament.

And if it works for Svejnar