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Such vehicles may not be issued a certificate of title or certificate of salvage. The truck may have either a detachable or permanently attached cargo box. The term also includes any other vehicle determined by the department to be farm equipment. Following a period of suspension, the department shall restore the license, registration or privilege. However, it is mainly a local matter.

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The term includes an autocycle. Eisenhower System of Interstate and Defense Highways.

The term includes a mobile home. Following a period of revocation, the license, registration or privilege may not be restored except upon submission and acceptance of a new application. After one year, all the proceeds go to the municipality. The term does not include a vehicle which would qualify as an antique or classic vehicle except for its lack of restoration or maintenance. Before removing the vehicle under this authority, the municipality must notify the person on whose property the vehicle remains requesting its removal and publish a newspaper notice.

If the vehicle has been reported stolen, the agency taking it into custody must make a reasonable attempt to notify the owner before taking it into custody. The term includes the interest of a lessor under a lease intended as security.