Be careful crossing the street

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Add up the math evenShopping and not paying too much

To avoid this just look for items to be priced. It is good to go out with friends and take your cell phone with you so if you get separated you can contact each other. So it is best to goin a store with marked prices. Taxi drivers usually do know numbers in English if that is the only English they know.

Below we mention some safety concerns and general things to look for. Take a friend Also if you go out to party hard in one of the many clubs, it is good to be with friends. Taxis How to prevent the crime of paying too much shopping While shopping, look around.

You should note this article to know what happens in Mexico when you are arrested for drunken and disorderly behavior or worse, involved in drugs. We update this guide so you can know the most recent dangers and safety in Playa Del Carmen and the Area. Actually it is the law in Mexico to have prices on all items.

Add up the math, even if all the menu items looked to be charged correctly, the adding up can be more then it is supposed to be. Shopping and not paying too much.

Check windows to see if they are locked when you check in. When it comes to street sellers or things lining the sidewalk, it can be harder to inforce the laws. All of this helps reduce issues, but still being alert helps go even further. If things are not marked with a price then often the seller will size up and come up with a price that they think they can ask.