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The restraining order forbids Lutfi and Ghalib from contacting Spears or coming within yards of her, her property or family members. The following night, she shaved her head with electric clippers at a hair salon in Tarzana, Los Angeles. The music video featured a Spears look-alike and fueled the rumors that she had been unfaithful to him. The music video caused controversy when British politicians criticized Spears for using replica guns while filming the video in an area of London that had been badly affected by the England riots.

She was hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after police that arrived at her house noted she appeared to be under the influence of an unidentified substance. Her show was a four-song set and she was accompanied by two back up dancers. There was no denying Britney needed help. Spears traveled to New York with the demo and met with executives from four labels, returning to Kentwood the same day.

However, Spears denied Durst's claims. The incident was highly publicized. And I was tired of being compared to Debbie Gibson and all of this bubblegum pop all the time.

Femme Fatale became Spears's first album in which three of its songs reached the top ten of the chart. Whimn From the outside, Britney Spears appears to have her shit together. Supplied Spears and Timberlake ended up getting together later on from to before splitting up. Spears premiered songs from her upcoming second album during the show.

Rudolph decided he wanted to pitch her to record labels, therefore she needed a professional demo. Aguilera said things may have been different if Spears went for another guy who had a crush on her. Lynne asked family friend and entertainment lawyer Larry Rudolph for his opinion and submitted a tape of Spears singing over a Whitney Houston karaoke song along with some pictures. Spears underwent arthroscopic surgery. Whimn Since that date, Britney has not been able to purchase so much as a packet of chewing gum without it being tracked in court documents.

Halfway through they were joined by Madonna, with whom they both kissed. The song also charted well in several other countries, peaking within the top ten of the charts in Brazil, Canada, France, Italy, Mexico, Spain and South Korea.

Rudolph decided heAguilera said things may have