Best decision I ever made

Boyfriend active on dating site

He made me feel so loved and cherished. So now you are both fumbling through the process. Then asked me to be his gf.

Generally everything feels wonderful. Be understanding, within reasonable limits. They get back together and work on resolving their conflicts in a more constructive way.

And I did leave, that day actually. He seems to talk alot about past relationships at times. Oh he did say that he is more than happy to deactivate his account if that would make me more secure because he is not going to loose me because of that.

This guy told me

There must have been some reason for the two of you to have ended your relationship. Honestly I am not being a rude or a bitch as though it seems to be. We have a great time together and he calls every night to chat or say goodnight. That way, you have solid proof, no guessing or wondering if hes telling the truth.

The issue now is figuring out

The issue now is figuring out how and in what capacity. This guy told me he loved me only wanted to be with me, blah blah and something prompted me to check on match.