Strange, I know, but quite true

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Even at speed the steering is crisp and accurate, the low, stretched-forward driving position purposeful and burbling engine always eager to surge forward, be let off its leash. The balance is spot-on and you soon learn to use that considerable power to adjust it in corners with foolproof ease.

But hey if you wantIt sounds great sending tingles

The car feels taught and agile, and impressively refined at speed as we start the test route. It makes you wonder why other manufacturers seem unable to make car controls so precise.

The M Sport car gets sports suspension as standard, along with larger inch alloy wheels and a particularly sharp bodykit of deep front airdam and rear valance. At low speeds the brakes seem disinterested, but once up to speed the six-piston calipers at the front haul off speed without fuss. For one, the standard wheel rims are inch. While the i Sport isn't quite as well thought out as the typical Audi interior, it is very good, and the sound damping is well above average, which means thathighway cruising is very quiet. But so too is handling, again dismissing competitors with varying degrees of ease.

Needless to say, M Sport has all the styling kit as standard, including one of the thickest steering wheels in the world. The M Sport gets a deeper front airdam, side skirts, and rear valance, and eighteen-inch alloy wheels.

Approached from behind, the car's distinguishing features include greyed-out lower rear apron and the twin exhaust pipes. And best of all it gives you impeccable control over the machine. The standard steering is pin-sharp accurate and while the suspension is not ultra-stiff, body control is uncannily first-rate.

Yet it's also extremely civilised. There's no wild curves and dynamics kinks, it's just practical, ergonomic, and it works. An interesting description, to be sure, but I'm of the opinion that the front end is quite imposing, and a bit angry.

It has a bold and brawny style that won't age as quickly as some of the current crop of hot hatches and is very nice to drive in a range of different situations. Adam Towler Find an Autocar car review Driven this week. When these factors combine, the driving experience is equal parts fun, thrilling, and rewarding.

It sounds great, sending tingles down the spine at times. But hey, if you want something that dares to be different, you'll probably relate to its unorthodox style.