No further action is necessary

Backdating payroll deductions

If you originally submitted the report under an establishment number, show that number and the amount of money that is to remain under that establishment number. In January she was sent on a month secondment to Blenheim.

Jon's employer provides him with a letter confirming the details to amend his return. This is important because wages not credited to the proper year may result in lower social security benefits or failure to meet the requirements for benefits.

This publication, written primarily for employers, discusses back pay under a statute and special wage payments. Backdating can be applied on an employee-by-employee bases. For tax years and later, list the social security and Medicare wages separately. Anna's employer may now elect to backdate the application of the new rules to exempt the payments, meaning a refund of the tax paid on the accommodation can be claimed. The employee's name as shown on his or her social security card.

This means that some allowances that were taxed will become exempt income, resulting in a refund to the employee. For social security coverage and benefit purposes, all back pay, whether or not under a statute, is wages if it is payment for covered employment. However, the tax year s for which back pay is credited as wages for social security purposes is different if it is awarded under a statute. Under the new rules the accommodation would be exempt from tax.

Any requests for amendments, voluntary disclosures or case-specific queries should be sent to accommodation ird. The tax year you paid and reported the back pay. Jon sends a copy of the letter to us and requests that the Commissioner amends his return to reduce his taxable income and issue a refund of the overpaid tax. The special report must include the following information. No further action is necessary.

Any tax refund after offsetting any tax debt of the employee will be paid to the employee. These rules are for social security coverage and benefit purposes only.

Her employer paid for her accommodation in Blenheim and treated these payments as taxable. Jon's employer had originally treated the accommodation as tax exempt as Jon returned home every weekend to his family.

In January she was

Damages for personal injury, interest, penalties, and legal fees included with back pay awards are not wages. Back pay is pay received in a tax year s for actual or deemed employment in an earlier tax year s.

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