The two arrive at a gorgeous villa

Bachelorette trailer clint and jj dating

She walks outside, and her knight in yellow boxing shorts is waiting for her. With no producers swooping in to save the day, Kaitlyn puts her foot down and tells Kupah to leave. Pin If everything's bigger in Texas, we expect major drama from this Alamo-based date.

Back at the house the guys gossip and another date card is delivered. If this season ended with Kaitlyn and Amy together, that would be all right by me.

Too stupid, too tan, too manscaped, etc. Chris Harrison prepares to give good news to one Bachelorette and, sadly, bad news to the other woman.

Here she is testing out her

Amy hits pause on this awkward moment by taking a slug of wine. Forget the boxing, Kupah vs. Then again, they look awfully dressed up, and this could easily be somewhere tropical. Nine men are rendered speechless when Andi takes them on a group date where a professional mime teaches them the tricks of the trade.

She will take viewers back to those final days in the Dominican Republic when she needed to make her heart-wrenching decision. The biggest and best surprise was Jared. Kupah, I blame this on you. Looks like Cory, Joshua or Kentucky Joe take their love on the open sea. Andi will come face to face with the men she sent home brokenhearted as they try to get some closure about their fractured relationships.

Here she is testing out her physical connection with Jared. Josh captures the week's other individual date, but a cautious Andi needs to hear one important thing from the handsome bachelor before considering giving him a hometown date. Kaitlyn says she needs to think about it, and goes into another room to be alone. Back at the man mansion, a cocktail party is underway. At the end of the day Ben Z, got the belt, the rose, and the kiss.

Josh captures the

After practice, the guys are wrangled into the ring and given their own neon colored boxing shorts. Kaitlyn wisely sent Kupah home and was ready to go on with her night, but as you saw he just wasn't going quietly.