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Augustiner weissbier online dating

My ex German girlfriend is studying at the Weihenstephan University. In all honesty, all of the Munich brands are pretty solid as long as they aren't old. Pauli girl is sold in Germany, its from the Hamburg region.

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Also, there seems to be a trend for local brewers microbreweries, brewpubs, etc. Since distribution is very limited, only Augustiner Edelstoff and Maximator are available. Ayingers Doppelbock is heaven. Its highly drank during lent at their Dark Beer Fests and is absolutely amazing.

Those are a good starting place. In this case, it was a Munich landlord at the Mathaserkeller who found himself in danger of being drunk dry by communist sympathizers, so stretched his Weizen beer in the same way. The greatest German Lager is you ask me is Augistner.

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If you're buying German beers, try and hunt for a dating system on the bottle it's really simple on the Paulaner and Hacker-Pschorr bottles, but more complex on others look for dust on the bottles. See also Old German Beer Styles. Franziskaner is the best wefezeinen if you ask me. Sometimes just asking the shop owner can fill in some gaps. From there, you can branch out to the hundreds of other options.